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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Followed By Ghosts - Dear Monsters, Be Patient (2008)

Genre :

Tracklist :

01. 5:52 am
02. Dear Monsters
03. Riga
04. Showdown At High Noon
05. Discussion Among Men
06. All Is Lost
07. Be Patient

Followed by Ghosts is an instrumental band from the heartland. Drawing influences from post-rock gods Godspeed You Black Emperor! and Explosions In The Sky, they have created their own melodic brand of instrumental guitar rock.

Followed By Ghosts' second album, "Dear Monsters, Be Patient" is a worthy follow up to 2007's critically acclaimed "The Entire City Was Silent." Now, with much more recording and songwriting experience, Followed By Ghosts has made a powerfully emotional and dynamic record. Spreading styles from slow, emotional chamber music to happy melodic in-your-face
punk rock, this album has something for everyone.

from Afterthepostrock
"yo, this is daniel from followed by ghosts. we put our new record up on megaupload and rapidshare, since we figure its gonna get put on the internet anyway when it comes out, we just want people to hear it and spread it around. "

[me]Yes, Sir! I am following his orders. Get it and spread it. *lol*

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