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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cantaloup - On A Hill Not Far Away (2008)

Genre : Ambient, Post-rock

Tracklist :

01. Wake Up Call
02. Fireworks
03. When My Girl Walks Through This Garden
04. Last Song
05. Day By Day
06. My Discurse With Mr. Lloyd
07. Wake Up Call (Hoodwink remix)
08. Crooked Rain (feat. Hoodwink)

Cantaloup, aka Thomas Peters, living in Marburg/Germany is producing music since 2003. The musical experiences he made by then were collected in several band-projects (e.g. in the postrock formation “item”). He decided to use the ressources and experiences of bed room production studios to create music which tries to take listeners to journeys, in which sound evokes images in warm colours. Cantaloup is not only using modern digital comforts to reach his goal.

Our latest release was already announced a while ago. Today is the day we can finally present Cantaloup - On a hill not far away (aer015). Thomas Peters aka Cantaloup is well known in our aerotone microcosm after his debut release back in 2006. Tonight it shows (aer004) became a huge success and his to date our most demanded release.

Feel free to download and listen to his current album and spread the word about great post rock music, with catchy melodies, singing guitars, electronic beats and fine vocals of Eva Paul.

[me]Well.. i really like the "Tonight It Shows" album. Now, Cantaloup back with the newest album "On A Hill Not Far Away." Enjoy. Thx for sir Mayo @ IP :)

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