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Monday, August 11, 2008

Tone - Solidarity

Genre :
Ambient, Post-rock, with five guitarists, a bassist and a drummer, Amazing!

Tracklist :

1 - confidence and progress
2 - the unwilling
3 - towers
4 - sketch
5 - evolution
6 - moonpony
7 - texas

Tone is pretty much unclassifiable, being an instrumental band with five guitarists, a bassist and a drummer. While that might translate to bloody chaos in some people's minds, that's completely wrong. The five guitars are arranged in the best way they could have been and make good use of polyphony. What's remarkable about Solidarity is that it's really accessible while being extreme in some ways.

A big part of Solidarity's compositional aspect is the build-up, almost all the songs have it and it's a definite plus, so it wouldn't be so crazy to call Tone a post-rock act. But no. A good way to summarize Solidarity would be "ambient music." It's not really attention demanding, and you'll love it even doing other things while listening to it.

Review :
Sublime in its artistry, but not at all inaccessible or unpleasant in surface aesthetics, Solidarity is a warm, engaging whirlwind that gets better with every listen; one of those rare albums which truly sounds as exciting the fifth time as it did the first.

In a word: Prime Grade A+

—JJ Koczan, The Aquaria


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ciwi said...

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