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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Album Leaf - Into The Blue Again

Genre: Electronica, Post-Rock, Ambient, Experimental
Download : Part1, Part2

Tracklist :

1 The Light
2 Always for You
3 Shine
4 Writings on the Wall
5 Red-Eye
6 See in You
7 Into the Sea
8 Wherever I Go
9 Wishful Thinking
10 Broken Arrow

The Album Leaf started as a side project to Jimmy LaValle's Tristeza, which is more electronic based, but LaValle has really expanded his sound into an ambient masterwork, somewhat similar to Sigur Ros, and approximating some of the lighter sounding tracks of Mogwai. A great, great album.

The Album Leaf is one of my inspiration in making this kind of music. Into The Blue Again is one of my favorite 2006 album.

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