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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fullamor - Cataract

Genre :
Post-rock, Math-rock

Tracklist :
01 - ELEPHANT KING feat.タブゾンビ
02 - Good Morning Charlie
03 - ナイアガラ
05 - 華厳-kegon-
07 - SOUP & SANDWICH(strobe)

【FULLARMOR】:The following four members organizes FULLARMOR: bass&guitar HINATCH, bass IZAWA, synthesizer ATSUSHI, and drums ONIY.
FULLARMOR was formed in Tokyo in 2002. Started in 2003, they released their first album [FULLARMOR], which has been already sold out, also established their private label [Lion5RECORDS]. In the end of 2006, the band suddenly got twin base, restarted their activity, then released [ZION] in 2007.
[There is the catharsis of the Rock here], which is the thesis, and their strong point is its natural style of the live performance, but at the same time, audience can feel strain, heaviness, and art too. Turning on fusion of the music expresses the colour of Japanese cultural tradition, and They have already obtained their liberty, however will embark on an adventure for searching real freedom.

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