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Friday, August 1, 2008

Explosions In The Sky Discography (Part 1)


Hailing from the sultry metropolitan landscape of Austin, TX, Explosions In The Sky are some of the most sincere folks you will ever meet. Aside from being nice guys, they play some of the most passionate, powerful instrumental music you will ever hear. Equal parts romance and tragedy, their beautiful melodies have the tendency to ignite into head-spinning walls of noise. Easily one of the most intense live bands ever, their sound proves to be every bit as triumphant as their name implies.

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2000 - How Strange, Innocence


Tracklist :

1. A Song For Our Fathers
2. Snow And Lights
3. Magic Hours
4. Look Into The Air
5. Glittering Blackness
6. Time Stops
7. Remember Me As A Time Of Day

This is Explosions In The Sky's first release and it's as beautiful, relaxing, and talented as all of the albums they have released afterward. My favourite song is probably the opening track, A Song For Our Fathers... the first guitar melody that fades in is beyond soothing and will put you to sleep like a baby.

2001 - Those Who Tell The Truth


Tracklist :

1. Greet Death
2. Yasmin The Light
3. The Moon Is Down
4. Have You Passed Through This Night?
5. A Poor Man's Memory
6. With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept

Their second release. Yasmin The Light is such an awesome song. Like all of their albums, this is very relaxing.

2003 - The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place


Tracklist :

1. First Breath After Coma
2. The Only Moment We Were Alone
3. Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean
4. Memorial
5. Your Hand In Mine

Explosions In The Sky's third album. It's as good as all the others and highly recommended. My Favorite EITS album.

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