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Friday, August 1, 2008

Euphoria - Silence Is Everywhere

Genre : Post-rock, Math-rock, Ambient


01 - December
02 - Butterfly Track
03 - Quiet Rain
04 - Collapse
05 - Silence In Everywhere
06 - Daydream (Beyond the Behind)

euphoria consists of Hiro Morikawa (guitar, vocals, programming), Shota Sato (bass) and Yosuke Kinoshita (drums). All of them went to the same school from elementary to high school. Therefore, they are not only band mates, but also longtime close friends with each other. The band was formed during the winter of 2001 when they were in the third year of high school.

euphoria’s music sometimes has a lyrical, atmospheric and cinematic touch to it. It seems as if they sounded a silent roar and brought you fairy-tale landscapes with their music. So far, they have played with The Album Leaf, Tarentel, and many other bands.

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