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Sunday, May 13, 2012

marché la void - The Origin of Non​-​Entity (2012) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock, from Indonesia

Tracklist :

01. in shadows 03:04
02. silent war 12:20
03. display of power 10:03
04. as we progress marching 07:43
05. for a moment, silence 11:45
06. serenity 12:51

Marché La Void (MLV), a band based in Jakarta, Indonesia, was started in
2003 by 3 long-time friends: Irwan, Wahyu, and Suryaputra. Hendra was the
next member to join the band, followed by Gerrid and Dave. Later Hendra
was replaced by Febri.

Since the day the band was founded, MLV has been writing and performing
their own songs. Many great artists influence the band in writing their
music, which they described as down-tempo, psychedelic, and ambient. Some
influences are more obvious than others, but all are influential

In April 2007, Marché La Void released its first EP, entitled Cacophonia.
The 4 song EP was produced and distributed independently. As times goes
by MLV has been rearangging music style and focussing on their instrument
skill hence digging their main roots in instrumental / experimental /
post-rock genre.

As a band, they feel the need to explore our instruments more as an
individual force that driven our music to some sort of journey and
emotional landscape without the use of vocal.


Vandrei Jaques said...

Very good sound. Great blog.

Broad Paul said...

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Arvssynd said...

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Carl Rushton said...

Love what you are doing with this blog, great work.

I thought you might be interested in Diices. Post rock that goes very heavy! We've just released an Ep on Bandcamp.

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