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Friday, November 18, 2011

Tunturia – Invisible City (2011) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock, Ambient, from Canada

Tracklist :

01. Kitezh
02. Betrayal
03. Battle
04. Sinking
05. Discovery
06. Reflection

Like the desolate yet majestic plains of the arctic north, Tunturia’s sound is at times both harsh and beautiful combining elements of post-rock, ambient soundscapes and experimental noise.

Formed in late 2005 the band quickly became a vehicle through which its members were able to explore concepts and ideas through music. Intricate without being technical, grand in scope without the pretension, lush without losing intensity, the band forged ahead writing new material that at times teetered between the edges of progressive and hauntingly minimal.

Not ones to rest on the accolades or achievements of the past, Tunturia are more anxious then ever to return to the studio and begin work on their follow-up record, the elaborately conceived and atmospherically complex Invisible City.

“Invisible City,” Tunturia’s equivalent of “Chinese Democracy,” will be available on October 28th through Oxide Tones. The album is a narrative based loosely around the Russian folk tale of the City of Kitezh. But don’t let the pretentious subject matter fool you, the record is an enjoyable musical romp touching on ambient, post rock and instrumental sounds which hopefully, unlike “Chinese Democracy,” won’t be a terribly prolonged and bloated musical disappointment.

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