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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

sgt. - Birthday (2011) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock, with Jazz influence, from Japan

Tracklist :

1. Furuboketa Ehon
2. cosgoda
3. Lyman Alpha no Mori
4. arabesque
5. 221B Baker
6. breathless
7. Zweiter Weltkrieg
8. Anata wa Watashi
9. Kimi wa Yume o Miteiru Yume ga

After making 2010 the year they mastered the art of live performance with their first venture abroad in their Canada tour, sgt. were able to put their experience to good use. Their first album in 3 years features 9 rich tracks. The sgt. post rock soundscapes accentuated by violins all told in a story of galactic proportions. This is conceptual art at its finest. The cover illustration was done by Yoko Sueyoshi. This album also features the first time any vocals were placed on a track. The vocals are from none other than kim from uhnellys. There are also an assortment of instruments that make there way into each track.

Formed in 1999 in Tokyo, Japan, the four-piece sgt. utilizes a broad range of genres to create their distinctive sound, including that of post-rock, jazz, ambient and improvisation. Using a guitar, violin, drums and bass guitar, the band creates uplifting instrumental compositions comparable to such acts as Toe or Anoice. sgt. released their debut mini album perception of causality in November 2005, followed by a split recording with good music! the following year.
They also released a full length album, Stylus Fantasticus, during fall 2008.

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kennychan said...

sgt.'s Mikkiko Narui (violinist) got pregnant this year, so we won't be seeing any new albums from them for awhile. Oh well, at least they left us with this beastly album before hitting their hiatus. You can also check out MAS's new album entitled 'Enkei' for more violin love.