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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Damn Robot! - Hunang Skrímsli (2011) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Ambient, Electronica, Post-rock, from UK

Tracklist :

01. A Smile Spreads Across My Face
02. The Great Landfill In The Sky
03. (Pass) The Switch Over
04. No Slack, But Luckily The Seats Go Back
05. These Plugs Need Adaptors
06. Electric Sheep I Can't Tell Whether Or Not This Is A Dream
07. Antics
08. Errors Of The Pacifist

Damn Robot! - Hunang Skrímsli is the debut album by Hampshire, UK based brothers Rob Honey (Oceanus, Inachus) and Tom Honey (Good Weather for an Airstrike).

Having collaborated on a cover of Frederic Chopin’s Romance/Larghetto the duo decided to establish a more permanent project, and Damn Robot! was formed. Their first song “The Great Landfill In The Sky” was included on the well received Hawk Moon Records: Volume II compilation album along side the likes of The Echelon Effect, ...And The Earth Swarmed With Them and Lowercase Noises. Damn Robot! have taken influence from many different artists including The Appleseed Cast, Clint Mansell, Imogen Heap and various Mike Patton projects, as such this album doesn’t stick to just one specific genre, it has elements of electronica, trip-hop, post-rock, ambient and more.

With gigs planned for summer 2011, this could be the start of something big for Damn Robot!

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