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Monday, May 16, 2011

Giants - Giants EP (2011) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock
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Tracklist :

01. The Sleep of a Laboring Man (03:36)
02. Berlin Rooftop (04:41)
03. A Near-life Experience (04:03)
04. Eastwood Unforgiven (04:10)

There are at least 7 artists titled Giants... but, forget all the other "Giant's" as the one we are looking here is the on that is similar to Beware of Safety, Caspian, pg.lost, Joy Wants Eternity, Tunturia, Yndi Halda, Destroyalldreamers.

Giants are an American post-rock band which began in late summer of 2005. Since then the band has completed multiple full U.S. tours and have released an E.P. and two full length albums, They, The Undeserving in 2007 (Medical Abuse Records (CD) and The Mylene Sheath (vinyl)) and Old Stories in 2008 (Cavity Records (CD/Vinyl)). In 2011 Giants split 7” with Beware of Safety came out on The Mylene Sheath.

Methodical, meticulous, precise. You can envision yourself seeing your life unfold through the eyes of a traveller as he journeys the country side years ago. This is epic stuff. Masterfully textured and layered. Leaving no notes unplayed and remaining focused throughout each track, this band has created a sound that sends and intoxicating layer of goose bumps over your body as the songs progress and ultimately climax in crashing crescendos. If everyone would start their morning off with a track by this band, war would not exist.

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