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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Milo - Photograph (2011) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Shoegaze, Dream-pop, Ambient, Post-rock, Indonesia

mediafire password : bnoise

Tracklist :

01 - Stethoscope
02 - For All The Dreams That Wings Could Fly
03 - So Regret
04 - Get Into Your Mind
05 - Dreams
06 - Dont Worry For Being Alone
07 - Daun Dan Ranting Menuju Surga
08 - Apart

Themilo formed in 1996 as a secondary band project of Ajie Gergaji while he was playing as guitarist in Cherry Bombshell together with Coro (ex-member of Cherry Bombshell), Upik and Uti (La Luna’s guitarist). Ajie decided to quit the band and focused on Themilo as his main project. The group made some lineup changes as Coro and Uti was replaced by new personnel, Themilo is now consisted of Ajie Gergaji, Upik, Suki (ex-member of Dua Sejoli), Budi Cilsen (ex-Frozen Head), and Hendi Unyil (ex-New Market) for most of the band’s recording career until today.

As one of many indie label’s band exist in Indonesia, Themilo is trying to establish music creativity upon its limitation. The boundaries itself doesn’t stop them to deliver new ideas in bringing their music. Satisfaction is the last thing they want to achieve because of its temporal nature and could become barricade to their creativity.
Themilo forever will be a process without boundaries, unstoppable contemplation, and dialectic without an end.

Last but not least, Themilo will remain exist and processing until time stops them from being creative…

"Photograph" is the 2nd album of the Milo. The long awaited album is finally released after 6 years pending.

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meadiafire password: bnoise
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