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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Codes In The Clouds – As The Spirit Wanes (2011)

Genre :
Post-rock, UK

Tracklist :

01 Where Dirt Meets Water
02 Look Back, Look Up
03 You And I Change Like Seasons
04 We Were Alive, Together (First Position)
05 Washington
06 The Reason In Madness, In Love
07 Cold Calls
08 If I’d Have Known It Was The Last (Second Position)
09 The Tragedian
10 Your Panopticon

Codes In The Clouds are quintet from Dartford, Kent; Band members are Stephen Peeling, Ciaran Morahan,Rob Smith,Jack Major,Joe Power. They are a new band in post rock scene. And from the start it’s obviously they are heavily influenced by EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, MOGWAI,GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT.

Their music brings deep cinematic tone, melodies slowly shifting from orchestral mood to bone crashing heavily distorted pieces that shakes the ground and epic atmosphere again… relaxing sweat passages that touches the deepest corners of the heart.

Music layered and textured, splashes of ambience and piano throughout. Beautiful and swooning, utilising layers of strings creating a slow burning, blissful crescendos.Long suites and tremendous cohesion work together for CODES IN THE CLOUDS, as a sonic blender swirls and swings melodies, tempos, and moody instrumental interplay for a chaotic milkshake of future post rock.

Co-produced by Erased Tapes initiator Robert Raths and label mate Ryan West, then mastered by Nils Frahm at his studio in Berlin, As The Spirit Wanes could almost be described as a family affair. Even the artwork has been inspired by the band’s time in Iceland, performing as part of the Erased Tapes label night at Iceland Airwaves 2010. Most importantly, it’s all about songs with As The Spirit Wanes offering its listener stunning melodies and razor-sharp hooks. From the Beach Boys pop appeal of Look Back, Look Up to the euphoric Washington, down to the emotionally charged two-minute hymn If I’d Have Known This Was The Last, Codes In The Clouds embody their genre in its most rewarding form.

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