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Friday, December 17, 2010

Yasushi Yoshida – Grateful Goodbye (2010) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Ambient, Modern Classical, Electronica, Japan

Tracklist :

1. Let Go (01:21)
2. Grateful Goodbye (06:52)
3. Staircase (05:39)
4. Embrace Calm Music (05:42)
5. Remembering (00:27)
6. Pieces Of Last Scene Brilliance (03:37)
7. Departure Music (01:29)
8. Round And Chord (01:30)
9. Slow Bird Wonder Words (07:36)
10. Chromatic Chronicle (06:20)
11. For Everything Calm Embrace (03:39)

Yasushi Yoshida (吉田靖) was born in November 1978 in Osaka, Japan. He writes, produces and performs music focusing on piano and guitar arrangements. Yoshida began making his name as a composer, contributing to multi-award winning dance companies, BABY-Q’s solo dance performances and various plays and films in Japan.

Not content with working solely within the music scene, Yasushi Yoshida has also contributed material to areas as diverse as theatre and visual arts. Collaborations include Yoko Higashino’s solo dance performance and Oi-SCALE theatre company’s “Michigaere Sekai”.

Two and a half years from his previous album, “Little Grace”, a breathtakingly beautiful shower of instrumental music with ringing sounds of live instruments performed with film-like eloquence, Yasushi Yoshida will release his newest album, “Grateful Goodbye” from noble label.

Yasushi Yoshida’s music style like a storybook that breathes life into the images of the scene in the listener’s mind has led the way to many collaborations in the area of visual arts including dance, theater, and film. In his third album, “Grateful Goodbye”, each of the tracks have been composed around the concept, “stories of farewell.” A story unfolds in every song, coming together like a puzzle to form one grand story in the end. “Farewells” are captured from different angles and the flowing, three dimensional execution of the stories speak well of the artist’s talent as a story teller.

In orchestration, the style of the previous album has evolved further and now features a vast lineup of live instruments such as guitar, bass, flute, and trumpet composed around the piano, cello, and violin. Approaches like chamber music, dynamic orchestra ensembles, and their emotional melody are not only inspiring but the level of completion and the superior power of expression together prove the sure evolution of Yoshida’s music. Though tranquil and melancholy in mood, the album brings to mind positive images of dynamism and life. It is not a film score. It is not classical music. It is not post-rock. It is pure and beautiful music at its best. A “Grateful Goodbye” to all those living. A masterpiece by Yasushi Yoshida.

[me]Allright friends. This new album from Yasushi Yoshida is my last post in 2010. It's an AWESOME year rite? :P
Happy Holliday.
See you in 2011.

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