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Monday, October 25, 2010

Maybeshewill – To the Skies from a Hillside EP (2010) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock, Electronica
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Tracklist :

01. To The Skies From A Hillside
02. Спутник-2
03. To The Skies From A Hillside (The Party Mushroom Remix)

Maybeshewill is James Collins (drums), John Helps (guitar), Robin Southby (guitar) and Victoria Sztuka (bass). They use computers to play (almost) everything else because they only have so many hands and they're notoriously poor at multi-tasking.

The band have described their sound as “instrumental rock with electronics”, while Drowned In Sound described them as sounding “like Mogwai would if the latter had ever found love in an arthouse cinema. And then were beaten around the head with a keyboard”.

Maybeshewill is the product of three boys, one girl, their frustrations with a broken laptop and their over-active imaginations. Maybeshewill don't really like the way the music 'industry' works (infact it enrages them) and thus they try to do as much as they can in a 'DIY' Fashion. They record, mix and master their records themselves, book their own shows and run their own label which releases music by bands that they think deserve more attention.

Maybeshewill is spelt with a capital M and no spaces - It's one word, not three. Maybeshewill like the way it sounds, not the meaning of its constituent parts - If you're looking for a meaning in it, you won't find any here.