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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eluvium – Static Nocturne (2010) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre :
Ambient, Electronica, Experimental
(Sold Out)

Tracklist :

1. Static Nocturne 50:08

Static Nocturne is a limited edition mini-album from Portland, OR ambient musician Matthew Cooper, under the name Eluvium, following the release of his EP Leaves Eclipse the Light. This mini-album is the first Eluvium album to be self-released on his own label Watership Sounds, and is available for purchase officially from his own webstore.
The album is limited to 200 hand assembled copies. The music is described by the artist as a "homage to static / white noise.

The ambient-driven electronic musician is proud to present his forthcoming release, Static Nocturne, a limited edition mini album of influential static.

"I am ultimately a fan of sound in a much larger sense it is from rain falling, the ocean swelling, the wind picking up cars driving by, train yards, box fans, etc.. etc.. etc... the amalgamation of these things creates a wonderful comfort to me and it is in this "static" that ideas and music come to me the mixtures of these elements create the chord changes and melodies or are the foundation by which they are found there is nothing more comforting to me in the world than the flood of this vibration at a constant ....."Static Nocturne" is an ode to the process by which inspiration finds me and an homage, of sorts, to this foundation of noise..." quotes from Matthew Cooper, the man behind Eluvium.

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