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Monday, August 23, 2010

Citizens Of The Empire - Citizens Of The Empire (2010) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock
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Tracklist :

1. Insurrection Is Our Only Weapon Against The Machine Of Alienation 03:55
2. Through Obedience We Develop The Reflex Of Submission 06:47
3. Apathy And Resignation Are The Sources Of Our Misfortune 05:22
4. Power Is Not To Be Conquered, It Is To Be Destroyed 06:03
5. Our Struggle Is To Never Forget 03:49
6. Everything We Possess Will In Turn Possess Us 06:52

We are all citizens of the empire.

While there is a lower class, we are in it.
While there is a criminal element, we are of it.
While there is a soul in prison, we are not free.

Insurrection is our only weapon against the machine of alienation.
Through obedience we develop the reflex of submission.
Apathy and resignation are the sources of our misfortune.
Power is not be conquered, it is to be destroyed.
Our struggle is to never forget.
Everything we possess will in turn possess us.

[me]cannot find any information about this band... but this s/t album is awesome !!!

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