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Monday, August 9, 2010

aKido – Gamechanger (2010) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Electronica, IDM, Downtempo, Experimental, Canada
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Tracklist :

1 Instantine 4:07
2 In Needles 3:55
3 Radium Girls 4:04
4 Paper Chase 4:33
5 Epoch (Get High) 3:38
6 Mrchf Thftr 1:35
7 Carrousel 5:04
8 Turnaround 4:45
9 Gamechanger 6:45
10 A Kind of Momentum 4:05

aKido is the electronic rock band of Kim Gaboury. The Montreal-based composer and guitarist began this studio project in 2004. Two EPs have been released to date; ‘PLAYTIME’ and ‘BLINK’, both out on Nordique Records.

With two albums and a handful of remixes, aKido has opened a portal into the world of indie rock and post-electronica. ‘Gamechanger’ is his much anticipated third album, a distinctive statement comprised of skilled simplicity and coherently juxtaposed layers making use of the freedom from any immediate dancefloor demands.

Released through his own Nordique Records, this new album truly demonstrates that there are many more elements at play within aKido’s songs that better lend themselves to the album format. ‘Gamechanger’ feels like a stirring journey, yet each track seems to have its own discreet identity. The harmonic explosion of guitars, the tape-manipulated synthetic sounds, the gorgeous female whispers and the shimmering melodies woven into his songs are given time to develop homogeneously. While groove is a central feature, aKido is at his best when all kinds of elements mesh together; dark atmospheric propulsions, idiosyncratic chord arrangements, tidy time signature switches, twirled leitmotivs and pummelling beats form a surprisingly cohesive whole. aKido indulges his heavier rock inclinations with artfulness and his intricate electronic inflections with effervescence.

‘Gamechanger’ is a deeply enjoyable album with a broad appeal to lovers of original electronic music.

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