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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Christopher Willits – Tiger Flower Circle Sun (2010)

Genre : Electronica, Ambient, Experimental
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Tracklist :
1. Portal 01:30
2. Sun Body 03:36
3. Sunlight Is You 01:25
4. Green Faces 03:36
5. Uplifting The Streets 03:51
6. New Life 03:12
7. Plant Body 02:49
8. The Hands Connect To The Heart 05:38
9. The Heart Connects To The Head 03:00
10.Intend-Evolve 01:31
11.You Are Always Surrounded by Stars 03:37
12.Subconscious Transmission 01:35
13.Light Into Branches 03:32
14.Branches Into Flowers 00:46
15.Flowers Into Stardust 05:41

On Tiger Flower Circle Sun, Christopher Willits takes his attention to craft further than ever before, using the language of ambient, dream-pop, experimental electronic, and afro-latin music to explore themes of love, connectivity, and universal vibrations. With Tiger Flower Circle Sun, Willits has created a diverse, effortlessly complex album of sublime beauty.

The record opens with the foamy swell of “Portal”, which spills into “Sun Body”, a classically skewed Willits pop song, all oddly shaped structures, melodic slices of sound, and serenely harmonized vocals laid over a pleasingly heavy trap-kit groove. From there, Tiger Flower Circle Sun expands in a million directions at once: the reverb’d chant of “Green Faces”, the Steve Reich-if-he-were-a-guitarist patterns of “The Hands Connect to the Heart”, the evocative psych-folk of “Light into Branches”, the late-night astral guitar come-down of ambient closer “Flowers into Stardust”. Willits believes in the oneness of all things, and thematic connections crop up throughout Tiger Flower Circle Sun, from the song titles (“The Hands Connect to the Heart” / “The Heart Connects to the Head”, “Light into Branches” / “Branches into Flowers”) to the album’s recurring sonic motifs of sliced-up guitars, percussive clicks, and cavernous vocal harmonies.

“Everything is everything,” says Willits, of the philosophy behind Tiger Flower Circle Sun. “It is all connected-the sun, the plants, the animals, our thoughts, our imaginations. We are light and sound. All is vibrating.” Indeed, the record’s diverse forms, techniques, genres, and ideas combine into a cohesive and connected whole. Yet within this larger form, the album’s earthly details make it truly beautiful: the purr of a clean-toned electric guitar; a fleeting, evocative melody; the human voice. The sum of its parts may be grand, but the album’s humble individual elements allow it to transcend.

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