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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beyond This Point Are Monsters - Family Tree (2010) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Math-rock, Post-rock, UK
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Tracklist :

1. Magician & Viking 07:03
2. Foreign Film 07:24
3. SAS 05:30
4. Plain Song 03:09
5. Rotator 04:52
6. It's Beige 09:05
7. K-Swiss Army Knife

Beyond This Point Are Monsters” are an 5 piece instrumental rock band from Derbyshire, UK. The band play a mixture of math, prog, and post-rock, combining multi-layered guitars with off-kilter drumming to create intelligently structured, non-linear songs that rarely sound the same twice.

"Down to the Pit and Pendulum, which was filled with the glorious post-rock vibes of Beyond This Point Are Monsters, as well as frankly more audience than it could comfortably handle. Reverb, crisp, complex guitar work and fleeting moments of discord abounded, with the boys from Derby building each song through constantly morphing shapes and sounds up to epic, crunching crescendos."- Kristie Genovese, Left Lion.

"Tight, talented and thoroughly entertaining, fans of the Big Scary Monsters music scene would do wise to check these lads out." - Sandman Magazine.

"They call themselves ‘Beyond This Point Are Monsters’. A group who cultivates, who practises, an exclusively instrumental offering, in which they maintain a certain balance between forcefulness and existentialism. Complex introductions, generally very extensive, in which you can perceive a really splendid instrumental act; a very formidable interpretative dynamism between the components of the band." - Fernando (Cielo Liquido Radio)

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