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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Boris – Variations (2010) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Drone, Sludge, Experimental, Japan
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Tracklist :

1. -Introduction- (Edit) / from “Akuma no Uta-”
2. Korosu / from “Heavy Rocks”*
3. PINK / from “PINK”
4. Woman on the Screen / from “PINK”
5. Yesterday Morning- / from -Mabuta no Ura-
6. Rainbow- / from “Rainbow” Boris with Michio Kurihara *
7. a bao a qu / from Mabuta no Ura-*
8. Statement- / from “SMILE”
9. My Neighbor Satan- / from “SMILE”
10.Floor Shaker / from 7inch Single “Statement”
11. Naki Kyoku- / from “Akuma no Uta-”*
12. 1970 / from “Heavy Rocks”*
13. -Farewell- (Full Length) / from “PINK”

In Japan kanji :

1. イントロ (Edit) 02:21
2. Korosu 04:47
3. Pink 04:20
4. スクリーンの女 02:40
5. 昨日の朝 03:20
6. 虹が始まるとき 05:39
7. a bao a qu 06:03
8. Statement 03:24
9. My Neighbor Satan 05:18
10. Floor Shaker 05:46
11. 無き曲 12:08
12. 1970 05:15
13. 決別 (Full Length) 09:55

Boris is an extremely prolific band and is known to regularly switch musical genres between albums, drawing from a wide variety of musical styles including psychedelic rock, punk, sludge, doom metal, drone, pop, noise, shoegaze, ambient and more. Boris music can be wildly diverse and experimental. Boris takes its name from a song on Bullhead by Melvins.

Variations CD is a greatest hits album Boris song selection focused on the heavy rock side. "Although there is interest, I know you hear from any" one good one that hit the listener. And not just a collection of albums, however, recorded five new songs in the same four people live in the current organization welcomed the support Michio Kurihara / 4 songs first published in Japan / the first version of the CD recording, all instruments continued to follow I am very happy that the fans content. (translate from Japanese with google)

So.., Variations is a "greatest hits" compilation of their "heavy rock" material, with some songs re-recorded with Michio Kurihara on second guitar.

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