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Monday, May 31, 2010

Peter Broderick - Three Film Score Intakes (2010) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Ambient, Experimental, Modern/Contemporary Classical, Piano
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01 - Part 1
02 - Part 2
03 - Part 3

Peter Broderick is a musician/composer currently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he plays violin in the Efterklang live band. He has recorded and/or toured with several groups/musicians (Horse Feathers, M. Ward, She & Him, Norfolk & Western, Laura Gibson, etc.), and is a regular session musician at various recording studios. His solo work is quite varied, but is often grounded by piano and/or strings. He was born January 20th, 1987.

Released on 3” CD, the three tracks on display here combine piano, strings and field recordings. A signature of the Broderick classical sound is his ability to take a minimalist approach to composing and through his blending of pre-recorded sounds or looping his own instruments he adds significant complexity to his music. So, for example, “Part 1” in essence a fairly simplistic, but nonetheless beautiful piano composition is supported by undertones of violin and given a distinctly gritty edge through the recorded sound of a train passing by. “Part 2” which seamlessly integrates from the first track, gives the strings a more prominent role and the resulting sound is an emotionally charged, melancholic one. “Part 3,” reverting to a greater piano focus again, is the most melodic of the three tracks yet Broderick again through his ambient intuition, ensures there is not an overriding burden of romance to the composition.

There is a narrative link between the tracks, the title of the EP alludes to a cinematic quality, and as with the film scores we are accustomed to seeing on the silver screen, the three tracks here certainly feel connected. Despite its micro nature both in the few tracks at hand and the small physical format it’s released on, Broderick as ever succeeds in creating an expansive and complex, yet immediately accessible selection of recordings. With only 200 copies, make sure you are quick, as this is a necessary addition to the music collections of any musical enthusiast.

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