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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Moonlit Sailor - So Close To Life (2010) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock, Sweden

Tracklist :

1. Sunbeams 5:29
2. Hope 5:02
3. Landvetter 7:17
4. New Zealand 5:35
5. Fresh Snow 5:26
6. A Week Without Sunlight 5:02
7. The Cheers On The Parade 6:35
8. 1994 4:19
9. Waiting For Nothing 6:30

Moonlit sailor is a young band from a city in Sweden called borås.
The band started out as an indie rock band in late 2006. The band had a new interesting
indie rock sound, often described as melodic, emotional and powerfull.

In 2007 the band decided to go intrumental. in the creation of the
music the band realized that the intrumental parts were always in
focus. to go intrumental felt natural for the bands further development.

Soon after the formation of moonlit sailor the band self-released their
very first demo entitled "moonlit sailor". two years later in may 2008
the band released their first instrumental CD entitled "A Footprint Of Feelings".
the new instrumental songs had a new interesting sound but still you could
hear it was moonlit sailor. the band became for many listeners worldwide
known as a post-rock band with a unique sound based on strong melodies
and dynamics mixed with emotional, captivating and powerfull soundscapes.

The 17th of november 2009, moonlit sailor released their second album
"So Close To Life" on one of the world's most respected independent labels;
Deep Elm Records. "So Close To Life" will also be released in Japan by
XTAL Records 3 february 2010.

"An instrumentally solid, exploratory and dynamically varied album with intense depth, So Close To Life is filled with highly spiritual and epic moments. This is essential listening. It gives you hope. - Deep Elm Records"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i think Moonlit Sailor isnt ground-breaking, but these guys indeed create some upbeat, "happy" and straightforward post-rock. =)