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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hadoken – Luminary (2010) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock
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Tracklist :

1. Prelude
2. The Ballad of Floating Fire
3. Stations
4. Cloud Ruler Temple
5. World of D.W.E.A.M.S.
6. From Winter
7. Mandala
8. Time and The Observer

Hadoken is a multi-instrumental group located in Amherst, MA featuring a blend of ambiance, melodic rock, jazz, and metal. They’re heavily influenced through the upbringings of post-rock and classical music, creating orchestral-like pieces often described as contemplative and chaotic.

Their songs are interestingly cohesive, yet many suggest that their varied instrumentation frequently reveals each member’s own unique voice in developing unconventional rhythms and melodies. The band currently consists of three guitarists, bassist, drummer, and violinist.

The older lineup of the band released a four track self-titled EP in 2007. Their new full length album, “The Ancient Machine” was self-released in September of 2008 and features six pieces.

Their upcoming release "Luminary" undulates through gentle, delicate stretches that build up into surges of power and gravity. With the presence of three eclectic guitars and an electric violin, the six-man group is able to explore varied arrangements, techniques, and rhythms uninterrupted by vocals.

A notable song off the new album, “Stations”, transitions through space and time, telling a story all its own. The initial soothing melody transports listeners to an ancient river town, dragonflies buzzing in the hazy dusk. Soon, a more ominous beat takes over, abruptly thrusting the song into a futuristic environment surging with electricity.

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