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Friday, January 22, 2010

Carta - An Index Of Birds (2010) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock, Ambient, Experimental

Tracklist :

1. Alfred M
2. Buildings Bridges
3. Hourglass
4. Small Lights
5. The Likeness Is Undeniable
6. Sidereal
7. Santander
8. Descension
9. Prettier At Night
10. Bank Of England
11. Back To Nature
12. Who Killed The Clerk?
13. The Late Alfred M

Carta began as a bedroom recording project in 2002 by Kyle Monday, Jason Perez, and an assortment of San Francisco musicians. Ambient instrumental songs developed organically from looped guitar melodies, which also served as metronomes in the absence of a drummer. As members joined and left, the desire to perform the songs in another setting arose, so the duo formed a band with bassist Ray Welter honed a set of material for live shows, including some songs with vocals (supplied by contributing keyboardist Sarah Bell).

In 2005 the band began recording the album "The Glass Bottom Boat" with engineer Eli Crews (of Beulah). The album features contributions from keyboardist Jared Matt Greenberg and bassist Sacha Galvagna (both of Charles Atlas), and cello by Alexander Kort (of Subtle).

Carta’s second album, “An Index of Birds”, features a new band lineup, with Kyle and Ray remaining on guitars and keyboards and Alex on cello, and adding Sacha Galvagna as a permanent bassist, Raj Ojha on drums, and Lorealle Bishop on vocals. Gabriel Coan of the band Continental also contributed treatments on a number of tracks. The album will be released by Silber Records on February 16, 2010.

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