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Monday, January 18, 2010

Aerial - Put It This Way In Headlines (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre :
Shoegaze, Post-rock, Sweden
it !!! Coz the mp3s are in low quality webrip :)

Tracklist :

01 - First of all
02 - In our wake
03 - Velvet light trap
04 - I am TV
05 - He looked at the sky and mumbled
06 - Zebra
07 - Canvas people
08 - Gently stunned
09 - Vacant dreamers
10 - Malkmus in the middle
11 - All refrain
12 - Quite a few homes later
13 - Guitar ode to a sunny afternoon

Aerial from Sandviken, Sweden, is a post/indie-rock act. They’ve released three CDs so far. “Black Rain From The Bombing” in ‘06, “The Sentinel” in ‘07 and “The Legion of Dynamic Dischord” in ‘08. They have a new album on they way called “Put it this way in headlines”, which is due for release in september 2009. They have toured the EU on several occasions, and have played with acts such as; The Bell Orchestre, Deerhunter, Arab Strap, Motorpsycho and Mono.

Nomethod says :

"The 3rd fullengthalbum from Aerial is here. They continue to hold their own as one of the best bands to ever come out of their genre. Almost 3 years in the making this is easily Aerials finest moment.
Aerial have just returned from a minitour with Motorpsycho and will continue to tour Scandinavia this fall and then start touring Europe in January. While still being a hidden gem in their homecountry of Sweden fans from all over the world have followed Aerial from their debut "Black rain from the bombing" with intense interest. This new album let´s Aerial come full circle as "Put it this way in headlines" reminds alot their early work. It is also the first album that the band have produced themselves."

[me]thx u iSotoy.

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