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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Toe - For Long Tomorrow (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Math-rock, Post-rock, Japan

Tracklist :

1. ここには何もかもがあるし、何もかもがない
2. ショウシツ点よ笛
3. After Image feat. Harada Ikuko (Clammbon)
4. エソテリック
5. Say It Ain’t So (feat. Hoshikawa Yuzuru (Dry River String, Ex-Upandcoming))
6. Two Moons
7. モスキートンはもう聞こえない#1
8. モスキートンはもう聞こえない#2
9. ラストナイト (Album Version)
10. グッドバイ Goodbye (Album Version feat. Toki Asako 土岐麻子)
11. You Go
12. Our Next Movement
13. Long Tomorrow

toe is a Japanese post-rock band formed in 2000. Their music is instrumental, melancholic and guitar-driven, with great emphasis on the drumming of Kashikura Takashi.

toe was formed at the end of 2000. The band started performing live in July 2001, a few times a month at nightclubs. They began recording their debut EP songs, ideas we forgot in February 2002, and released it two months later in April 17th of the same year. In July 2003 toe released a split CD EP with pele through an independent label, muziq and following September the band released a remix album Re:designed.

In April 2004 toe contributed a song to the MOTOWN tribute CD, “ROCK MOTOWN” and the following June the pele/toe split was released as vinyl through polyvinyl records. In April 2005 the band began recording their first album. Four months later in August 31st, toe’s anticipated debut album the book about my idle plot on a vague anxiety was released.

The members are:
☆ 山嵜廣和 / Yamazaki Hirokazu (Guitar)
☆ 美濃隆章 / Mino Takaaki (Guitar)
☆ 山根さとし / Yamane Satoshi (Bass)
☆ 柏倉隆史 / Kashikura Takashi (Drums)

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Farmer said...

Hot damn. I can't wait to give this a million listens