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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rachel Grimes – Book of Leaves (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Classical, Ambient

Tracklist :

1. Long Before Us (1:23)
2. Every Morning (2:14)
3. The Corner Room (3:10)
4. She Was Here (3:41)
5. On The Morrow (2:58)
6. My Dear Companion (2:27)
7. Far Light (2:03)
8. Mossgrove (4:53)
9. Bloodroot (2:59)
10.At The Pond (1:17)
11.Starwhite (1:35)
12.The Side View (3:13)
13.Every Morning, Birds (2:20)
14.A Bed of Moss (2:26)

This is a solo release by Rachel Grimes, a core member and pianist for Rachel’s.

From a winding path of diverse musical ventures, Book of Leaves has slowly, quietly come to the surface. The first solo piano release by Kentucky composer and pianist Rachel Grimes, this new project comes after many years composing and recording with the indie chamber band, Rachel's, and alongside current work with Louisville-based King's Daughters & Sons. Soon to be released, the album is a collection of impressionist chapters woven together with chordal themes and field recordings inspired by interactions with the outdoors.

As a performer, she has had thrilling experiences across the US, Europe and Korea, including being an opener in 2008 for the Swell Season, appearing with Rachel's in WNYC's New Sounds Live, and with SITI Co. in the collaborative theater production systems/layers. She has been a guest on albums by the Frames, Sonora Pine, Tara Jane O'Neil, Shannon Wright, Shipping News, Dianogah, Andy McLeroy, and Big Eyes Family Players.

As the title hints, there’s something impermanent and fragile about this recording—a perfect album for fall. Alternating between sorrowful, discordant reflectivity and a wild, storytelling flourish, Grimes creates a series of resonant chapters that feel as though they could be lifted away by a gust of autumn wind. – Chicago TimeOut

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