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Monday, July 13, 2009

Beyond the Sky Compilation (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Shoegaze, Post-Rock, Experimental

Tracklist :

01. Ansaphone – Raindrop
02. Korine Conception – Lost Imaginary
03. Individual Life – Paripurna
04. Autumn Ode – A Myriad Ways to Abduct and Thurst You In
05. Marché La Void – Scientific Despair
06. Retrieval – Temporary Soda
07. Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun – Happiness Between Us
08. Stellarium – Tomorrow’s Monday

Genre : Electronic, Electrocoustic, Ambient, Down-tempo

Tracklist :

09. Midnight Ark – Moonlight Symphony
10. Mataharibisu – Vanish And Disappear
11. Slylab – The Sound of Perfume
12. Channelpain – A Dying Wish
13. Amanda Oh Amanda – Go Home Now
14. Little Space Donkey – Eleven Brave Warrior On That Field
15. Summer In Berlin – Unperfect Song
16. Folkaholic - October Sky

Beyond the Sky is a compilation album from Invasi Records that consist of 15 bands from Indonesia n 1 from Singapore. This album is a mix of postrock, shoegaze, experimental, ambient, electronic, electrocoustic, down-tempo, and dreamlike soundscapes. 16 Tracks of Beautiful Noise. Big Thx to Invasi Records for releasing this awesome album.

Ansaphone (Bandung), Korine Conception (Medan), Individual Life (Jogjakarta), Autumn Ode (Bandung), Marche La Void (Jakarta), Retrieval (Bandung), Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun (Bandung), Stellarium (Singapore), Midnight Ark (Jakarta), Mataharibisu (Jakarta), Slylab (Bandung), Channelpain (Jakarta), Amanda oh Amanda (Jakarta), Little Space Donkey (Jakarta), Summer in Berlin (Jakarta), dan Folkaholic (Jakarta)

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whenyouaresad said...

this one is GREAT! thanks a lot!