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Friday, June 5, 2009

L'Homme Puma - On Remplace Les Yeux Casses (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock, Experimental, France

Tracklist :

1. La Marche De Mina
2. Ussel Van Osselt
3. On Remplace Les Yeux Casses
4. Surtout Dans Les Coins
5. Velours et Pourpre
6. Catherine Deneuve
7. Toy Division
8. Plaisir d'Offrir
9. Wronki

The last years a couple of nice atmospheric rock/metal/hardcore bands were born in France. Year of No Light, Overmars and Asidefromaday are the best examples and L' Homme Puma can be added to this trio. They are instrumental and operate mostly in the alternative rock spectrum although I also see musical similarities with Burst (for example at the end of "Surtout dans les coins").

L'Homme Puma released a first ten tracks EP in June of 2007 on the label Communication Is Not Words which has been widely reviewed on the web and in the paper press. In 2008, they recorded their first album in Geneva with Thierry Van Osselt (Shora, Honey for Petzi, Shovel, Nostromo, Time to Burn). Twelve tracks were written throughout 2007 among whose nine will figure on the new opus.
"On Remplace Les Yeux Cassés" will be out in February 2009.

French speeches and electronic interludes (sampling and beats) are woven through autonomous music. It makes L' Homme Puma an interesting new band in this popular genre. In "Toy Division" they share the same atmosphere as the Germans from Long Distance Calling; due to the electronic stuff you can't call them copycats. The nine songs are driving forward like a soundtrack for a drama film.

One of the highlights is the song "Catherine Deneuve", the melancholic atmosphere is slowly taking over the natural temper of the music, as if L' Homme Puma wants to take the listener into a bad mood. Later, in "Plaisir d'offrir", they show glimpses of hope by introducing hopeful xylophone and keyboard sounds. It’s also a way to show how bright the future can be.

With 'On Remplace Les Yeux Cassés' the future looks bright for this French collective. Over an hour they keep their post-rock interesting, not many new or undiscovered band can say that in 2009.

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