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Friday, May 8, 2009

Pawa Up First - The Outcome (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-Rock, Hip-Hop,Experimental, Canada


01 Opening
02 The departure
03 Cold on the trail
04 Territorio
05 Delusions of grandeur
06 Nowhen
07 Transit
08 In a hurry to nowhere
09 The ruins
10 The outcome
11 Last man standing

Pawa Up First started out as a recording project around 2001 and has since then evolved into a quintet mainly comprised of piano/synth, guitar, bass, drums and percussion with occasional collaborators including a horn section, guest vocalists and MCs. Influenced by elements of cinematic music, dub, electro, hip hop and rock, PAWA UP FIRST creates a wide range of atmospheres and dynamics with its (mostly) instrumental repertoire and video projections. A first CD entitled ‘The Scenario’ was released in 2005, the follow-up entitled ‘Introducing New Details’ featuring collabs with D-Shade (Shades of Culture), Belle (UK MC & Vocalist), and Seba (Gatineau) is out now. Both albums are available on DARE TO CARE RECORDS.

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