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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Like Bells - Like Bells (2009)

Genre : Post-Rock, Experimental

Tracklist :

01. Atlas
02. Yeti
03. Can I Say Something To You?
04. The Streets Themselves
05. Nothing Collapses
06. Where Is The White?
07. Fragments
08. Searching Now
09. Boiling Springs
10. Certain Types Of Conversation

"The latest signing to Cleveland's Exit Stencil Records, Like Bells, aren't your typical band of instrumental rockers. They do more than pair a simple melody with effects pedals and stacks of amps to create dynamic moments of tension and release. On a number like "Yeti," this Oberlin trio is just as likely to follow a tense moment with a serene string movement as they are to flood eardrums with a flurry of loud. So when the big banging, clanging moment does come, it doesn't feel like predictable post-rock, but the just culmination of patient, piercing introspection." --I Rock Cleveland

"Ohio's Like Bells have found the formula to break the boredom and expand the genre...they have created an indie gem full of life, Americana, thought, and movement." --Orange Alert

"[Like Bells'] music is shape-shifting, experimental and atmospheric. Melodic guitars form the foundation for each track, constantly exploring new sounds from shimmering meandering pieces to pure rock...Like most progressive-rock bands Like Bells' songwriting relies heavily on the quiet/loud formula, but the feeling of de vu never rears its ugly head as each shift in structure is executed well and the instrumentals are tight and compelling." --The Silent Ballet

"It only seems appropriate that the second I go on a tirade about post-rock, along comes yet another band that fits into that category that's actually quite good. Introducing, Like Bells. Predominantly instrumental, this trio of Oberlin College / Conservatory students don't shy away from a catchy melody and songs of pop-song length...utilizing their instruments to their fullest (violin /viola, guitar, drums, cpu) to create songs and arrangements that are both beautifully complex and accessible." --The Pop Stereo

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