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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hannu - Hintergarten (2009)

Genre : Electronica, Ambient, Folk, Minimal, Experimental, Finland

Tracklist :

03.Theme for Grant
06.Maniac Moshers

Another unmissable album of crackly, homespun electronica from Helsinkis Hannu, once again released via the Kesh imprint. Hintergarten twinkles into life with the sound of worn-out, lo-fi glockenspiel recordings rubbing up against strings and muffled bass samples. In fact, opening track Pop serves as an excellent refresher course in what makes Hannus music so distinctive and alluring: the sweetest of melodies seem to collide in a manner that isnt quite fully in tune or in time, sounding all the more lovable for their rundown, loose-fitting weariness. The albums sound palette is garnished with overspills of vinyl noise, cassette hiss and the various other side-effects of using battered old recordings for source material. On Theme For Grant you might hear some parallels with something like Four Tets She Moves She, carving mismatching string instruments into sparkling spliced together riffs set against a backdrop of shuffling beats - Hannus music does sound as if it was made a good century or so before Kieren Hebden was even born though. For all the other records it might bring to mind (the music of Colleen and certain members of the Fonal camp offering particularly strong parallels) Hintergarten is unique for the continuous state of winter it plunges the listener into from the album artwork to the frosted charms of tracks like Kimallus and Unenvieja, Hannu evokes a veritable musical Narnia. Anyone for Turkish Delight?

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