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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Teardrop - Time Spent With Antique Mirrors (2009)

Genre : Electronica, Ambient, IDM, UK

Tracklist :

1. Floating In A Lake
2. Euphoria
3. White Rose
4. There Is Nothing Left To Say
5. Fiction
6. Waving From A Rock Just Offshore
7. Pause
8. Contemporary Flight
9. A Short Walk Around A Glacier (Walking From A Rave)
10. Today The World Will Change
11. Ten Short Thoughts
12. Final Words
13. Open Arms

The band consits of just two members, jono renton and pete renton. Both are brothers and have been producing music together for years, and there latest project, Teardrop, has taken them the furthest. Both members using different skills to create their unique sound, the brothers are still one of a kind in that music genre.

Originated from Nottingham, UK the band recorded ther debut EP there (Queensferry EP) featuring their song Vuttony which had got fans excited from myspace and garageband. As well as fans, the song Vuttony brought the band numerous awards including, Best Chill out track for 3 weeks running, Track of the day, Best Melody, Best mood and Best song in electronica.

The album 'Time Spent With Antique Mirrors' (originally titled 'Euphoria') has been in the process of writing and recording for almost 2 years. “Both of us are perfectionists, it doesn’t take us long to write the material, its the recording that takes longest, getting what we have in our heads out and on to the computer." says Jono. So far the album contains a wider variety of music in relation to the previous EP.

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