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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Dead Sea - The Dead Sea (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock, Dreampop, Ambient, Australia

Tracklist :

1. Slow Jet
2. Okono
3. The Devils Bends
4. III
5. Zabriskie Point
6. Nulla Desiderata
7. Little Lights
8. Departure Gates
9. Banquet
10. Bandicotts

The Dead Sea are tim bruniges, nick kennedy and david trumpmanis. They make immersive, largely instrumental music accompanied by highly textured film projections. They formed in Sydney in late 2006 and quickly earned a reputation as one of the most intense and exciting bands in Australia.

Their debut self-titled EP was self released in early 2007 and from this time their music has regularly been heard on radio JJJ, FBI, RRR in Australia
and their films screened internationally in Seoul, Rio De Janeiro and Vladivostok with "World Sham Pain" premiering at The Pompidou in Paris in 2007.
In 2008, The Dead Sea track "Nulla Desiderata" featured as the opening cut on The Silent Ballet compilation IX and also featured in the Swedish feature film "Halsningar fran skogen" (Greetings from the Woods).

In early 2009, The Dead Sea track "Respire" was featured in the hugely successful CBS series "CSI:Miami", and their track "Slow Jet" featured on the first ever Spunk Singles Club compilation released on the respected Australian label, Spunk Records.
The debut album by The Dead Sea was completed in early 2009 and is available now digitally through iTunes, emusic, Amazon and lala with physical release to follow on CD and vinyl in the 2nd half of 2009.

"The Dead Sea's long-awaited debut is a powerful mix of condensed ambience, crisp indie-instrumentals, and shoegaze-inspired dynamics. If that combination of elements sounds somewhat unorthodox, then the Sydney three-piece has succeeded in stepping out of the crowd and into the limelight.
What is perhaps most noteworthy about the release is that a sound that is often unapproachable by a general audience is as accessible as it is ever going to be; ambient tracks are boiled down below the three minute mark (and really don't seem to be missing much of anything), longer tracks contain thick layers that engage and entertain the listener, and just about every five minutes a solid rock instrumental combines with the band's vibrant sound to get the blood pumping.
Vocals even make an occasional appearance and are strong enough to lure in the non-instrumental enthusiast, as well as please those who are overly critical of the utility of singing. Few debuts are as fun, unassuming, and ultimately lovable as The Dead Sea."

“…pieces of ambient, insistent, instrumental, experimental, majestic and undeniably moving sounds…”
- Michael Smith, Drum Media

“In less time than it takes most ambient artists to tune their guitar… I find myself putting “Departure Gates” on repeat and its infectious little tune burrows its way into my subconscious in a way which very few artists of this ilk are able to do… hopefully there’s more of this magic medicine to come.”
- The Silent Ballet

[me]Fascinating, amazing, beautiful.

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