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Friday, March 20, 2009

Whitetree - Cloudland (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Ambient, Electronica, Piano, Italy, Germany

Tracklist :

01] slow ocean 05:45
02] kyril 06:09
03] other nature 04:41
04] koepenik 04:27
05] mercury sands 03:00
06] light on light 05:54
07] ulysses and the cats 03:16
08] tangerine 06:33
09] drerek’s garden 04:49
10] the room 02:16

Italian minimalist, modernist, classical pianist Ludovico Einaudi has a new record out. And to my sheer joy, he has once again teamed up with German ambient electronic artist Robert Lippok (and his brother and To Rococo Rot bandmate, Ronald) to produce a whole new selection of instrumental loveliness.

The ‘band’s’ name is Whitetree, and the record is Soundcloud. I can’t really enlighten you on this record - if you are a fan of Einaudi or Lippok, or (more importantly) both, you will love this. Einaudi’s fairly signature piano lines pierce the darkness of the Lippoks’ electronic lulling and reverberating beats. Occasionally Ronald L provides some live drums which add a pounding, energetic rhythm to proceedings, but mostly it is Robert L’s sublime, delicate electronics that conjure up an almost tangible atmosphere to sink into.

Fans of Einaudi’s predominantly classical work who have been alienated by his previous forays into postmodern electronic music will probably want to avoid much of this record, but it may still be worth a listen as some tracks are more piano-led than others.

Even though it came out a week ago, I’ve got to say I’m really enjoying it. I may be a Lippok/Einaudi fanboy (I really am) but it just ticks pretty much every box for me. Wonderful stuff. They are playing together at a festival later this year but I really hope they play some headline shows too. I think it’d be fantastic live.
by Paul

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