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Friday, March 20, 2009

Torngat - La Petite Nicole (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock, Experimental, Free-Jazz, Canada

Tracklist :

1. Interlude
2. La Petite Nicole
3. L'École Pénitencier
4. Afternoon Moon Pie
5. 6:23 PM
6. Turtle Eyes & Fierce Rabbit
7. Going Whats What

Pietro Amato (french horn), Mathieu Charbonneau (keyboards) and Julien Poissant (drums) founded torngat in 2001 with ex-bass player Sylvain Delisle. Sylvain left the group in 2003 shortly after the release of their first full lenght cd (self-titled, 2003). Since then, the trio has released a live cd and most recently, an EP (La Rouge, 2005). Torngat has presented its music in numerous types of venues such as rock clubs across Eastern Canada, popular music festivals (Pop Montréal 2004,2005), new music festivals (Radicaliberté 2003) and as a part of contemporary dance shows (Catherine Lebalnc’s A-miss). Playfully avoiding every possible pigeon hole, Torngat’s compositions and improvisations engage listeners with beautiful melodies, and unexpected surprises.

Described somewhat oxymoronically as an "ambient power trio", Montreal's Torngat return for a second album. In typically angular fashion the opening track is titled 'Interlude', setting you up for a hazy, eerily atmospheric sequence of events. Ghostly keyboard figures take the lead with a distorted organ creaking into life, gathering up momentum for the haunting title track - a piece of music that owes as much to Harmonic 33-style library music pastiche as it does to instrumental prog and post-rock. Throughout the record the sound takes on a warm, muffled and generally rather enigmatic feel that's just the right side of lo-fi, with the comparatively full-blooded closing number 'Going What's What' permitting just enough of the track's lamenting brass melodies to poke through the mix. A beautiful album, and one that doesn't quite sound like anything else.

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