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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hu Zi & Wang Juan - Gemini Trip (2008) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Minimal, Ambient, Catchy Electronica, Folk, China

Tracklist :

01. 兩個人的旅行 (Gemini Trip)
02. 水滴 (Droplets)
03. 愛情國度 (Love Country)
04. 一個人的旅行 (Single Person’s Trip)
05. 兆分之一鳥 (Moment from a Bird)
06. 最後的探戈 (Last Tango)
07. 我聽王娟唱歌時是這樣想的 (When I Listen to Wang Juan)
08. 最後的探戈 (Last Tango) [Finale]

Bringing two artists together is always interesting. Especially when they normally mix with slightly different genres. Hu Zi started off as at the Chinese Academy of music but ended up as a DJ producing more upbeat electronica genre styled music whereas Wang Juan is a folk guitarist.

Their eponymous 2005 album was conceived as an experimental marriage of acoustic and electronic music, reminiscent of the British band Portishead or Icelandic artist Bjork. I think the end results is much better than anticipated. It’s a soft, dreamy album - even with the mellow electronic tunes it can produce the same effects as, say 929, a calm relazing Sunday afternoon just lazing around.

Wang Juan

Hu Zi

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