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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mesa Verde - The Old Road (2008)

Genre :
Post-rock, Screamo

Tracklist :

01. A Deep Sleep Without Dreams ( 6:15)
02. For The Tree That Fell ( 3:35)
03. When The Canary Dies Run Like Fuck ( 2:53)
04. Return To Victories ( 4:58)
05. No More Bad Future ( 3:18)
06. Post-Youth (12:50)

Formed in Paul’s Hall practice studio in Cumbernauld, Scotland in June 2004 and played first gig several weeks later with Yage in the Barfly in Glasgow on 7th August.

Recorded a demo CD with Tom Mitchell in his Perth living room in June 2005 and around 100 CDrs were made. They sold pretty quickly and “In This Silence We Will Slow Dance” is now out of print.

In spring 2006 recorded “Amor Fati” with Robin Sutherland in his home studio in Dundee, and co-released it on CD with Art For Blind records. This was followed by a summer UK tour with Amanda Woodward and Aussitot Mort.

New album “The Old Road” was released on 1st August 2008, released on 12” vinyl (with free digital download). The album was once again recorded by Robin Sutherland and released by Art For Blind Records.

from : The music is tightly wound, with the chaotic nature of their music being carefully counterpointed by the order of the tension-breaking post-rock moments. As opposed to building climaxes using sparse instrumentation and changing tones, Mesa Verde instead use the aggressive sections of their song to build up anger and passion with the occasional guitar interlude serving as the moment of respite. It creates an air of inexorable emotion that is never run dry or diminished by tedious plodding. The one thing The Old Road lacks is any real amount of happiness (“There is no happy here!” has never been so prophetic), but its lush sound was not meant for such things.

[me]This album is pretty damn good. Nice Screams.

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