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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Helios - Caesura (2008) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Ambient, Electronica, the same man known as Goldmund!!!
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1. Hope Valley Hill
2. Come With Nothings
3. Glimpse
4. Fourteen Drawings
5. Backlight
6. The Red Truth
7. A Mountain Of Ice
8. Mima
9. Shoulder To Hand
10. Hollie

Raised in rural Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Keith started playing drums, guitar and bass at a very young age. He played in a variety of touring bands, from rock to jazz and classical, and took influence from each situation, learning from the successes and inevitable failures, discovering his musical likes and dislikes. He was finally drawn to study percussion at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music.

He took a keen interest in film, taking time to study it whenever he could to broaden his knowledge of independent and world cinema and filmscore. Through his interests in music and film, Keith developed a sense of space and restraint, which are evident in his musical projects.

His primary musical venture is the solo project ‘Helios’, showcasing his skill in percussion, his delicate touch on the guitar, his measured and spacious songwriting, and his self-taught electro-acoustic production.

This is Keith Kenniff’s fifth gorgeous release. In five years Keith’s style has evolved constantly, with his drifting piano compositions taking the Goldmund label and the Helios sound moving out from undreneath the clipped beat-heavy electronics of ‘Unomia’ and into a more unique place, even incorporating vocals on the ‘Ayres’ mini album. ‘Caesura’ however is his ‘proper’ follow-up to the acclaimed ‘Eingya’, and sees Keith return to the instrumental sound he knows so well. In fact in many ways ‘Caesura’ is a more electronic work than its predecessors, blending layer upon layer of synthesizer and adding his assured drumming to come up with the perfect meeting of indie-pop and ambient music. The haunting cinematic element is still present of course, but these songs are more rounded and confident than any in Keith’s career.

From the delicate bliss of ‘Hope Valley Hill’ which opens up the album with gauzy nostalgia and, as the title promised, hope, through the chunky pop of ‘Come With Nothings’ it is clear that Keith’s music is as arresting as it ever was. Taking cues from the lilting indie-electronics of Ulrich Schnauss and the unfussy ambience of Brian Eno, Keith manages to inject this with his knowledge as a composer. The epic harmonies of ‘Backlight’ for instance reveal a lightness of touch rarely heard in the genre with sweeping synthesized chords buzzing alongside Keith’s signature guitar.

Accompanied by more gorgeous artwork from Matthew Woodson, ‘Caesura’ is a glowing record for the winter months, and a glimmer of hope to keep the seasons at bay.

Keith is currently working on a new project with his wife, Hollie, called Mint Julep.

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