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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Elegi - Varde (2009)

Genre : Dark Ambient, Experimental, Classical

Tracklist :

01. Varde
02. Skrugard
03. Svanesang
04. Arvesølv
05. Drivis
06. Uranienborg
07. Fandens Bre
08. Skyggespill
09. Angekok
10. Råk
11. Søvnens Kvelertak
12. Den Store Hvite Stillhet

TSB : 2009 begins with a spotlight on Elegi's Varde, the second in what appears to be a trilogy focused on everything that could be described as "endlessly bleak." Previously we saw Tommy Jansen diving through shipwrecked vessels, and now he's accompanying a team of "pioneer polar explorers" to some of the harshest places on earth -- I'd put good money that countryman Fridtjof Nansen is by his side. Nansen couldn't ask for a better soundtrack for the infinitely frustrating trek through subzero temperatures, hellish weather, and nagging suicidal thoughts. The press release for this piece comes with the boast of comparing it to Gavin Bryars/Philip Jeck/Alter Ego's Sinking of the Titanic, and while I initially laughed at that idea, the vivid portrait painted here is actually quite reminiscent of the Touch jewel. The year has just begun and already we've got a candidate for top album. This could be quite a wild year...

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Buck said...

Couldn't download, said there were lack of resources. Any chance of a remedy?Thanks!