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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dakota Suite - The End Of Trying (2009) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Piano, Experimental, Ambient, Classical, Slowcore

Tracklist :

01. One Day Without Harming You
02. This Failing Sea
03. Hands Swollen With Grace
04. A Quietly Gathering Tragedy
05. All The Love I Had Was Not Enough
06. Very Early One Morning Nn Old Road
07. The End of Trying-Part i
The End of Trying-Part ii
The End of Trying-Part iii
The End of Trying-Part iv
11. Een Langzaam Lekkende Wond
12. The Night Keeps Coming In
13. How Could You Let Ge Ho
14. Second Hand Light
15. Things We Lost Along The Way
16. Z-cars

“beautiful, tender, damaged and unloved, much like chris hooson himself perhaps feels, these are songs on another planet to anything you’d compare them to. a true talent hidden away (probably intentionally) behind other lesser artists more interested in glossy TV campaigns, magazine covers and BBC interviews, dakota suite have made a great record with no bells, no whistles and no bullshit, but more heart and soul than anything you will hear this year” - pennyblack

NME gave Signal Hill an “8 out of 10.” Melody Maker praised them with 4 Stars! “Dakota Suite’s singer Chris Hooson is very, very sad indeed, and it sounds magnificent. Employing cellos, violins and the ever-trustworthy harmonium, Dakota Suite offer their bruised and battered heart to us, with painstakingly gorgeous, lush and brooding rock”. - Independant

I mean, at times, Dakota Suite can outdo even the best of the woe-is-me sad sacks: American Music Club, Will Oldham, Red House Painters’ Mark Kozelek. But I’ll admit, it’s probably been a while since a singer/songwriter’s morbid depression has translated into such a surprisingly simple, beautiful record. - pitchfork

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