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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Samuel Jackson Five - Goodbye Melody Mountain (2008)

Genre : Post-rock, Experimental

Tracklist :

01 - Face the Fax
02 - Hey now, who really cares
03 - After the Avalanche
04 - Eye eat Lotus
05 - Goodbye Melody Mountain
06 - So many Cowboys, so few Indians
07 - Slow Motion Simulator
08 - How to evade your obsessive Shadow

The Samuel Jackson Five is a quartet from Oslo, Norway, that play post-rock with a slight folk, jazz and progrock influence.

Thomas Hagen Kaldhol: Guitar, Bass
Stian Tangerud: Drums, Percussion
Sigmund Bade: Bass, Keys, Guitars, Percussion
Thomas Meidell Wien: Guitar, Keys, Electronics, Percussion

Former Members:
Kjetil Gundersen: Guitar, Keys, Percussion (2002-2007)
Anders Kregnes: Vibraphone, Percussion (2002-2003)
Magne Mostuen: Vocals, Guitars (2003)

They have released three albums, Same Same but Different (2004), Easily Misunderstood (2005) and Goodbye Melody Mountain (2008).

TSB : Goodbye Melody Mountain shows no signs that they'll be returning anytime soon. Whereas its predecessor was powerful and enchanting, GMM is much more of a sly, seductive record that puts the focus upon songwriting and production work instead of dynamics and the quiet-loud shift. Tracks like "Face the Fax," "Hey Now, Who Really Cares," and "Your Obsessive Shadow" offer worlds onto themselves, showing a new sophistication to the band's work while still being every bit as catchy as Easily Misunderstood. For a band who is perfectly content to describe itself as a post-rock band, SJ5 routinely dismantle the competition and demonstrate why they are truly a force to be reckoned with.

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