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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halves - Halves EP

Genre : Post-rock, Ambient, Experimental

Tracklist :

01 - Take Exact Revenge
02 - Burial On A Windfarm
03 - Tony Hart's Revenge Theme

This three-track EP from Dublin's Halves oozes the sort of qualities you'd associate with all things epic: it comes housed in a silver-on-grey embossed cardboard sleeve and - here's the dead giveaway - it's bound with ribbon. Once you get past that nice, prim packaging you'll find an abundance of ideas within the ten minutes or so this lasts. You'll hear elements of Efterklang, 65daysofstatic and Sigur Ros in here, with a mingling of electronics, quiet-loud guitars, plus some well judged glockenspiel and string arrangements, but beyond these sorts of customary post-rock touchstones, Halves manage to surprise, writing at least one traditionally formatted song (the excellent 'Take Exact Revenge', which includes vocals) while adding something to those well-trodden, crescendo-focussed, linear structures on 'Burial On A Windfarm'. Finally, silly titles get the better of the band, but third track 'Tony Hart's Revenge Theme' shows a different side to their repertoire, missing out the drums in favour of an effects-drenched guitar and synth instrumental, reminiscent of the kind of sunkissed, hazy compositions of Manual. While this promising EP could well be enjoyed by all manner of audiences, post-rock genre fans should consider it required listening.

[me]This is Halves first EP. Enjoy! Thx to sir Mayo @ IP for the link. Ups.. i think i'll get a little bit longer stuck in Halves ^^

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