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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Té - increasing, if heart and senses agree, all best change it is sly in “music” (2008) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock

Tracklist :


(rough translation)
01. The human is born as free ones, is connected ‘to the chain’ everywhere.
02. As for most of the reliance which is moved aside to other things, from the self-confidence which is held among oneself ‘the raw’ rare [ru].
03. Dream ‘the popular name of the lie which is similar to the beauty which is attached to commonplace actuality’.
04. Always, you desire the future which improves, but ‘fearfully the change of moment’ the [re] [te] are.
05. Any which it is pitiful thing, are weak, it does boldly in the margin ‘patience’ [bu] margin.
06. The fact that it is censored in the loyal retainer of penetration is decision of the correct ‘value’.
07. As for poem the owner and the lonely person of the soul which simply, can be fallen ill it is lonesome, ‘慰’ it is the [me].
08. As for the person unhappily of others the sufficient strength which withstands sufficiently ‘the holding’ [tsu] [te] it is.
09. Reason desires fair judgment, as for anger judgment being visible fairly ‘the gazing/hoping’ [mu].
10. It does not request the round meeting which has meaning, keeps finding ‘meaning’ in the encounter.
11. Singing song, we would like being able to neglect. It sits down in someone’s side and ‘謡’ the [tsu] [te] would like to be.
12. “Of course”, business 輕 聲 small language theory coming out name because, ‘做 什 麼 capital good’ freedom ‘the threat,’

was formed in January 2004 by Kono in Tokyo, Japan. As soon as they began playing live shows, they gained rave reviews and much praise from critics and fans alike for their inspirational performances. Their demo CD sold out instantly. Their first single was then released through Zankyo Records(Japan).

Despite lack of promotion, and being a virtually unknown instrumental band, their first single became extraordinarily popular and received critical acclaim. The single reached number one on the Disk Union (Japan) charts. Having observed the success of , Tower Records Japan offered to assist in promoting the band. A special listening section was featured in Tower Record stores throughout Japan. By doing so, they won the hearts of the Tower Records staff, and their single sold almost more than any instrumental band in the past. The single is currently still available in stores. Magazines, CR-J (which produces the College Chart in Japan), and various other media add to the hype. Offers from overseas began to roll in.

Tés highly anticipated debut full length album was released in Japan in September 2005, and immediately charted at number ten on the Tower Record Japan charts ahead of many major popular artists. Their album sales continued to grow as they embarked on a tour of Japan. Recently, te' played shows with Swiss band Koch Schuetz Studer and Coptic Light from New York. Koch Schuetz Studer even invited the band to support them on a tour of Switzerland. Word about is fast spreading across the seas, with foreign magazines such as Bounce, HMV, VICE and so on featuring the band in their articles.

More and more fans are flocking to see perform live. With an effects-infused bass, explosive guitars, and pounding drums at its core, is a world-class instrumental band from Japan.

consists of 2 guitarists, a bassist and a drummer. Their music is similar to bands such as Mogwai, Appleseed Cast, Tristeza, Slint, Godspeed You Black Emperor and Mono.


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