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Friday, September 12, 2008

Cantaloup - Tonight It Shows (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Ambient, Post-rock

Tracklist :

01 cantaloup - jonathan falls into sleep
02 cantaloup - tahiti twins
03 cantaloup - closer
04 cantaloup - you and the stars
05 cantaloup - cheerless love song
06 cantaloup - windchimes
07 cantaloup - circus
08 cantaloup - tonight it shows
09 cantaloup - jonathan falls into sleep (hoodwink remix)

Cantaloup, aka Thomas Peters, living in Marburg/Germany is producing music since 2003. The musical experiences he made by then were collected in several band-projects (e.g. in the postrock formation “item”). He decided to use the ressources and experiences of bed room production studios to create music which tries to take listeners to journeys, in which sound evokes images in warm colours. Cantaloup is not only using modern digital comforts to reach his goal.

The bigger part of the songs and spheres are played live with instruments, supported by Eva Paul who brings her beautiful voice into a few songs. These fragments - with little help of some fx - merge to an extraordinary overall view, whose appeal lies in an own form of slowness and in a reduced perception on small things of everydays life.

"...wonderful laid back and emotional..."
"best lo-fi pop, far away from mainstream." - kreislauf

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