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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sumner Mckane - What A Great Place To Be (2008)

Genre : Ambient, Post-rock


01. After the Fireworks We Walked to the Rope Swing
02. When We Get to California
03. Riding in Cars in the Woods
04. First Winter at Plymouth Colony
05. We Don't Talk About the Night Marsha Took the Boat to Digby
06. The 20th Maine
07. 1975 Chevy Nova (For Aaron)
08. The Winter i Got Louder Than Bombs and Standing on a Beach
09. Doris

McKane paints a uniquely American landscape, a travelogue for a cross-country trip from pristine New England winters to the wide-open expanses of the plains. © 2005 John Diliberto Public Radio International

Many of today’s breed of post-rock bands are basically the equivalent of punk-rock bands; they do not rely on virtuosity or technique, and their song structures tend to be predicable and owe more to energy and emotion rather than melodic, harmonic, or rhythmic complexity. Because of this, Sumner McKane stands out from the crowd. He is a brilliant songwriter and a technically proficient musician, yet his playing resonates with soul and passion. He has a style that is unmistakably his own. His influences, which are varied, shine through, but at no point does this fact sacrifice his originality. In a genre in which many critics often give far too much credit to sterile and bland music claiming to be avant-garde, Sumner McKane is an absolute breath of fresh air. -Joseph Sannicandro I edited my profile with Thomas Myspace Editor V4.4

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for singing the praises of Sumner McKane. He still remains a favorite at Echoes and What a Great Place to Be will be high in Echoes rotation. Glad someone else knows about this gem from Maine.