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Friday, August 1, 2008

Pornopop - And The Slow Songs About The Dead Calm In Your Arms

Genre : Indie, Low-Core/Medio-Core Rock, Electronic

Tracklist :

01. Nicotine and the Backward Lounge
02. Centre
03. Death Tape
04. Stop
05. Sleep
06. It doesn't mean a thing
07. Little kafka
08. Yfirtónar
09. Wired to the Cold Metallic Scene

Pornopop merge the inventiveness of Kid A-era with a distinctly northern sound both comforting and lonely like a cold breath on the back of your neck. Brothers Agust and Petur Einarsson of Pornopop have made the next essential record to come out of Iceland.

Those who like "Sigur Ros" should definitely give this one a hear.

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