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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mono - The Sky Remains The Same As Ever DVDRip (2007) (AWESOME !!!)

01. Intro
02. The Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain
03. The Kidnapper Bell
04. Moonlight
05. Interview with Lost Snow
06. Yearning
07. Yearning in Sweden
08. Sabbath
09. Lost Snow
10. Lost Snow Audience Shot
11. Gone in The Electrical
12. Mere Your Pathetique Light
13. A Thousand Paper Cranes in Hiroshima and NY
14. Com in Korea
15. Rainbow
16. Halcyon (Beautiful Days)
17. Gone / (Image Reflection) Collaboration with J (Live in Seattle) / The Kidnapper Bell and others

What is the underlying souce of power of MONO? What makes their sound so powerful as if it reaches the bottome of our heart, grab it and shake it brutally?
What makes their music go beyond the borders and create the same exceptional craziness among people of different color of skin, different race, different language?
You might find an answer in this DVD.

It captured their documentary of European tour in the winter of 2006, the tours in Japan, Korea, US and Canada in 2007.

The DVD is the first video MONO has ever created and yet it could be the ultimate complete work of their history.

This DVD was filmed and edited by Teppei. He is well known figure as "photographer specialized in live music" in Japan. This is his first video he has ever created.
He made five roundtrips among the continents and spent more than sixty days to film the band. And at the end, he had over a hundred tapes to work on editing.
Teppei's original vision and skill to capture a moment, that has been nurtured as still photographer for many years, is vividly reflected in the moving images in this DVD.

He succeeded to seize the beauty, intensity, liveness of MONO's live performance.

Only a person who gained band's trust this much could have done.

As Teppei traveled with MONO on the road for many days, he filmed the audience of many countries and showed us the band's off-stage life on the road including the reunion with the band's close friends.
This is a feature film of raw passion, that goes beyond the borders and creates one exceptional craziness among people of different color of skin, different race and different language

Filmed, Directed and Edited
by Teppei Kishida

and finally the links:
Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5, Part6, Part7, Part8, Part9, Part10, Part11

[me]If you NEVER seen MONO (japan) Live, this DVD is A MUST. Brilliant Movie!!! Try it! And then, BUY IT IF YOU LIKE IT !!! It's WORTH IT !!!


retro disco beep said...

mono is a beautiful band. is passion, is all in this moment...Tanks...

dear said...

thank you for uploading this movie...
but they seems to be out of date...
so ...could you please re-upload them...thanks a lot~